Sarah Maria Everett

Actor, Writer, Producer and Director

James Madison Impersonator and Interpreter          (907) 957-0460

I am fervent scholar of James Madison, our 4th President. For the past decade, I have undergone an extensive scholarly study of the life and legacy of James Madison. Bringing to life my studies and authority on the subject of Madison, on a frequent basis, I also interpret (impersonate) James Madison in first person persona, having done  so both in Juneau Alaska as well as at Madison’s home, Montpelier, and James Madison University. For over three years, I’ve spoken in college classrooms, elementary classrooms, attended special events, produced events, have exercised personal discussion, and given formal talks as Mr. Madison countless times.  I interned from July 10th 2009 – August 20th, 2009 at James Madison’s Montpelier, doing research and organizational projects for the Montpelier Foundation. From fall 2010 – fall 2012, I have carried on these interpretations more professionally into James Madison University, now being called JMU’s unofficial “James Madison”.

Interpretations have included:

  • Formal appearance at the NCSS as Mr. Madison with James Madison’s Montpelier’s Center for the Constitution, Washington D.C, December 2nd, 2011.
  • James Madison at James Madison’s Montpelier, accompanying the Boy Scouts and the Stonewall Jackson Area Council for the “Celebrating the Bicentennial of the War of 1812” Camporee. October 13th, 2012.
  • Live video interview with Harrisonburg’s WHSV-TV3 for Constitution Day. Sept. 21st, 2012.

Author of:

James Madison’s Montpelier’s Montpelier Hospitality Cookbook 2nd Edition. Writer: Sarah Everett, 2010

Jemmy Madison: The Mind and the Man Behind Religious Liberty, an original historical play written by Sarah Everett, 2011

Special Skills:

Acting & singing, radio DJ/radio work, reading & writing in French, playing classical guitar, formal researching, teaching, voice work, performing with puppets.

Theatre Work:

Colleges: University of Alaska Southeast – 2008 – 2010, James Madison University 2010 – 2012 – Graduated Dec. 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre and Dance!

Past Theatre Productions:

“The Passage Inside” JDHS Drama Dep. (Sept. 2005–Nov. 2005) – Writer & Performer

“Pippin” JDHS Drama Dep. (Dec. 2005–Feb. 2006) – Performer

“Welcome to Social Disorder Camp” Perseverance Theatre Young Company  (Mar. 2006–May 2006) – Performer

“Peer Gynt” Perseverance Theatre STAR (Summer 2006) – Performer

“Steel Magnolias” Perseverance Theatre Young Company (Sept. 2006–Nov. 2006) – Performer

“Arctic Magic Flute” Opera to Go (Dec. 2006–Feb. 2007) – Performer

“The Children of Eden” Perseverance Theatre STAR (Summer 2007) – Performer

“The Little Prince/Le Petit Prince” JDHS French Dept. (Oct. – Nov. 2007) – Performer {Winner of the French Dept. Award for Best Performance and Best Senior}

“Whiteout” Perseverance Theatre Young Company (Feb. 2008—Apr. 2008) – Writer & Assistant Director

* North Carolina School of Arts — Summer Drama Intensive Program — (June – July 2008) *

“Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Jr.” Perseverance Theatre STAR (August 2008) – Stagehand

“Grease” Northern Lights Theatre (Sept.– Nov. 2008) — Acting Coach & Stage Manager

“A Midnight Cry: Underground Railroad to Freedom” Northern Lights Theatre (Jan.-Mar. 2009)–
Assistant Director and Sound Operator

[Involved throughout time at UAS and JMU with Theatre Department, involved in shows – 2009 – 2012]

“Four Children’s Radio Plays” Theater at Latitude 58 & KTOO (May-Aug. 2012)—Assistant Director,
Voice Coach, Voice Performer & Host

“Alice in Wonderland” Theater at Latitude 58 (March – May 2013) – Acting Coach

“24 Hour Miracle” Juneau Douglas Little Theatre (Oct. 2013) – Performer

“Seussical: The Musical” Theater at Latitude 58 (Sept. – Nov. 2013) – Performer & Stagehand

“Lost Christmas” KRNN radio, an independent radio drama reading (aired Dec. 2013)

“The Miracle Worker” Theater at Latitude 58 (Jan. – May 2014) – Performer

“Sadako’s A Thousand Cranes” Theater at Latitude 58 (Jan. – May 2014) – Assistant Director

“Danger the Dogyard Cat” Theater at Latitude 58 (Jan. – May 2014) – Consultant & Acting Coach

“Calico: A Collection of Original Skits,” my independent skit production (Nov. 2013-May 2014) – Director, Producer, Writer, Performer

“The Book of Virtues: 3 Stories” KRNN radio, an independent radio drama reading (aired Aug. 2014)

“Calamity Jane” Theater at Latitude 58 (Aug.-Nov. 2014) – Performer

“How Things Happen in Threes” Theater at Latitude 58 (Aug.-Nov. 2014) – Acting Coach & Stagehand

“Anne of Green Gables” Theater at Latitude 58 (Jan.-May 2015) –  Performer

“The Tempest” Theater at Latitude 58 (Jan.-May 2015) – Performer

“Calico 2: Reloaded”, my second independent skit production (Nov. 2014-May 2015) – Director, Producer, Writer, Performer {Winner of the Juneau Arts and Humantites Council Independent Grant}

“Othello” Perseverance Theatre Mainstage (Aug.-Oct. 2015) – Run Crew/Wardrobe

“Back to the Future 30th anniversary event” Gold Town Theater (Oct. 2015) – Host/Performer/Producer

“Sweeney Todd” Perseverance Theatre Mainstage (Oct.-Dec. 2015) – Run Crew/Wardrobe

“Amahl and the Night Visitors” Juneau Lyric Opera (Dec. 2015) – Stage Manager/Lighting

“Mid-Winter Festival Chorus Concert” Juneau Lyric Opera (Dec. 2015-Jan. 2016) – Singer/Soloist

“Health Nuts” Film Project with Juneau JUMP (Oct. 2015-Jan. 2016) – Writer, Lead Performer

“Man of La Mancha” Juneau Lyric Opera (Feb.-Mar. 2016) – Costume Assistant/Backstage Manager

“42nd Annual Alaska Folk Festival” Centennial Hall (Apr. 2016) – Singer/Performer/Crew

“One and a Half Days” Juneau Film Production (July-Sept. 2016) – Script Supervisor/Wardrobe/Stand-in/Film Crew/Post-Production Assistant

“Peter and the Starcatcher” Perseverance Theatre Mainstage (Sept. 2016) – Run Crew/Wardrobe

“Putting It Together: Sondheim” Juneau Lyric Opera (Sept.-Nov. 2016) – Stage Manager/Production Manager

“Mid-Winter Festival Chorus Concert” Juneau Lyric Opera (Dec. 2016-Jan. 2017) – Singer/Soloist

“Steel Magnolias” Perseverance Theatre Mainstage (Aug. – Dec. 2017) – Lead Performer

“Mid-Winter Festival Chorus Concert” Juneau Lyric Opera (Dec. 2017-Jan. 2018) – Singer

“Cyrano de Bergerac” Perseverance Theatre Mainstage (Feb.-Apr. 2018) – Run Crew/Wardrobe

“Here’s Looking at You, Casablanca!” Juneau Lyric Opera & Goldtown Theatre (Sept.-Nov. 2018) – Stage Manager/Performer

“Mid-Winter Festival Chorus Concert” Juneau Lyric Opera (Dec. 2018-Jan. 2019) – Singer

“Disco Alice in Wonderland” Perseverance Theatre Young Company (Jan.- Mar. 2019) – Stage Manager/Acting Coach/Music Designer

“VBS: Paul’s Adventures in Athens” Chapel By The Lake (Apr.-Jun. 2019) – Drama Director/Acting Coach/Costumer

“Pericles” Perseverance Theatre STAR (Jun.-Aug. 2019) – Stage Manager/Assistant Director/Combat Assistant


Art Rotch                           Perseverance Theatre

Sara Radke Brown           Juneau Lyric Opera

Steven Pfister            Centennial Hall Convention Center

Sheli DeLaney         Program Director for K3 & KTOO radio

John Douglas Hall              James Madison interpreter

Linda Trousil                       Chapel By The Lake

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